Door Alarms and Security

Every homeowner needs to take steps to protect his or her property. Doing so means looking for high-risk points and finding a way to secure them. Your home’s doors are the weakest point, even if you turn the lock the door every time you leave. Yet, there are a wide range of tools and resources available to you today to help. These include tech features that are now helping you to keep unwanted people out and even work to help you avoid having to open the door to people you just don’t want to see.

Doors to Secure

Which doors do you need to secure? Any door to your home is a security risk. Consider these areas:

Front Door

This is where people approach your home. Knowing who is at the door before you answer it, who is dropping off packages, and who is trying to get in is important here. You also want to ensure you have a live view of your front door from a camera and ample lighting.

Back Door

The back door is the more likely place for people to try to break in. A live feed, bright cameras, and motion detection will be valuable here. You also want to be sure you have night vision cameras in place.

Garage Doors

Don’t overlook your garage door, especially if it can be easily accessed. Lighting and motion control are important. Some companies also offer systems that can send you an alert if you leave your garage door open.

Bedroom Doors

Some homeowners may want to place door sensors throughout the home, especially on bedroom doors. That way, you’ll know if your young child gets out of bed at night, usually through a notification on your app or an alarm.

Doors Security Options

How do you secure the doors around your home? To do so, you need to consider the risks to those spaces and the best tools to help you minimize them. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are one of the best upgrades to home door security. A wide range of options exist here. Some use biometrics while others use a simple code. In all cases, these doors do not rely on just a physical lock and key but a system that’s designed to allow you to control when someone enters. Smart locks also make life a bit easier. Some models have features in them to automatically unlock as you walk into the home – they recognize you from a fob or device and unlock the door for you.

Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras have become very popular as homeowners become more tech-savvy and add more automation to your home. When someone approaches the home, the camera sends a message to your app or even to your home’s voice assistance such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Hub. You can see who is there, and, if you decide to do so, you can hear them and talk to them through the app. You could be miles away at work or you could be on your coach and uninterested in speaking to a solicitor.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are now more versatile and easy to use than ever before and that’s a good thing for property owners. Not only do they detect moving objects, but some of the smartest cameras can also tell the difference between a person and an animal. They allow you to spotlight an area to help discourage people from entering it. Some are designed to include two-way communication as well, allowing you to communicate with whoever is in the view of the camera. Some are set up to work with your home’s alarm system, allowing your monitoring company to know when to take action to get help to your home.

Motion Lights

Motion lights operate whenever they detect motion in their field of view. In doing so, they can turn on when they detect motion in the grass or along your driveway, encouraging people to leave the area. Most have night vision detection, which allows them to work very well at night as well.

Door Sensors

Door sensors give you an opportunity to learn when someone opens the door to your home. This is important for those who have cameras or those that do not. For example, perhaps you want to know when the back door to your home gets opened by the teenager sneaking in. Or, you may want to use sensors like this to help safeguard your family from break-ins.

Home Security System Options for Door Security

Many home security systems exist and most of them offer door security options. Consider these as some of the best in home door security.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is an affordable, fast, and ultra-simple way to stop intruders from breaking in through your door. The door sensors are mounted with removable adhesive, and they sound the alarm and send alerts if someone attempts to break in. SimpliSafe also offers the SimpliCam indoor camera and motion sensors for an added layer of protection. It’s no surprise that SimpliSafe is a popular choice for securing the perimeter. After all, it’s affordable, easy to set up, and there are no long-term contracts to worry about. Door alarm security has never been so easy.

2. Vivint

Vivint offers several options with its home security system. It has a variety of sensors that work well to alert you whenever a door is opened. Home automation features allow you to connect with outdoor cameras and lights to control what’s happening. The company also offers KwikSet Smart Locks, which give you a lot of control over the door’s access using the app. A garage door control, doorbell camera, and several security camera options make this system easy to use.

Keep in mind most of this is managed through the company’s SkyControl Panel within the home or an app on the phone.

3. ADT

Many people know about ADT’s home monitoring for security, but they also have a number of door-specific features to help you minimize risks around your home. Door (and window) sensors are available to provide you with entry detection and automatic alerts that go right to your phone. There is video monitoring options using doorbell cameras and home security cameras placed at your door. The company’s products are designed to work with Z-Wave technology, which gives you many options for cameras and lights.

4. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a leader in home security for a number of reasons. Among the products it offers for front door protection include the Frontpoint Keypad which allows you to arm, disarm, and monitor door access through codes. The Frontpoint Outdoor Camera works very well to capture moving objects or to provide a live view of your front door with up to 40 feet of distance. It also is smart enough to detect which people not to send an alert for.

The Frontpoint Doorbell Camera is also very versatile and features a wide-angle lens to make viewing easy to do. It also fits with most door frames with relative ease. The Smart Door Lock from Frontpoint is an excellent anti-pick lock that is designed to be easy to use and very secure. The company also offers a garage door controller to alert you if you leave the garage door open.

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