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Have you heard about pet cameras? For pet parents who do not feel comfortable leaving their animal home all day alone without someone to watch for them, pet cameras can be an excellent investment. They are designed to specifically pick up on your pet’s movements, and, as such, can be a very specific, task-oriented option.

What Is a Pet Camera?

Pet cameras are created specifically to provide help for those who have pets and want to see what’s happening when they are not around. These cameras tend to be placed lower than other cameras and allow you to tap into a live feed to check on what your pet is doing. Some even allow you to talk to your pet during the day, letting your furry friend see you from time to time. There are a variety of options available, and each one can be a good option in some cases.

How Much Do Pet Cameras Cost?

Pet cameras range widely in terms of cost. Some of the lowest priced models are about $150. Others can cost as much as $330. The costs depend significantly on the features that the pet cameras offer. The more elaborate the camera is, the more expensive it is going to be.

What Features Do the Best Pet Cameras Offer?

To determine if a pet camera is the right investment for your needs, it’s important to look at the individual features of various models. Take a look at some of the more advanced features of the best pet cameras.

Two-Way Communication

It may not seem important initially, but having a two-way camera system allows you to talk to your pet and interact with them on a personal level. Two-way chat is helpful for those who want to call the dog to the camera or who want to calm a dog that’s alone.

Treat Dispensing

Imagine your pet coming up to the camera to greet you. You can toggle a button on your app, and the camera dispenses a treat for your pet. It’s that easy to give your pet a bit of love and comfort from a distance. Some also have built-in brain-enhancing treat dispensing technology. To get the treat, they have to work for it a bit. That’s a good way to keep them busy.

Sound and Motion Triggers

For those who wish to monitor their pet’s actions, the sound and motion trigger cameras work well. They only turn on when the pet is nearby, which can give you some insight into what your pet is doing throughout the day. Once the sound or motion triggers the camera, it turns on and then can begin recording. This helps cut down on the amount of time you have to look through video.

Pet-Safe Design

The best cameras should have a pet-safe design that minimizes any risk to the animal. This includes having a durable body that doesn’t let the pet chew it to pieces. There should not be any exposed cords, either. Because these cameras are placed lower to the ground, you want to be sure there are no areas where the pet can be put at risk.


Some more advanced pet cameras also have built-in features to keep your pet engaged. For example, this may include pet-to parent messaging. The pet can come to the device, activate it with their paw, and the device pings your app. This can allow the animal to see you whenever he or she wants to. Others have built-in access to entertainment programming such as DOGTV.

A Quality Camera

Also, take into consideration the camera itself on the pet cam. It is best to choose those with a wide-angle view that provides crystal-clear images. You want to be able to see what’s happening even in dim light, such as when a storm rolls through the area. An HD camera tends to be the best option. You may also want to find features like a zoom feature so you can see exactly what is happening from a distance.

The Disadvantages of a Pet Camera

There are plenty of advantages to pet cameras, including the way they allow you to interact with your pet while you are away. However, they are very single-focused. They do not provide any home monitoring for you. There is no way for you to see who is coming to the door or who even opened the door for your pet. In addition to this, pet cameras can be very expensive for the service they offer, making them out of reach for some people. Other cameras, including home security cameras, may be an alternative.

The Top 4 Alternatives to Pet Cameras

If you are looking for options to avoid paying for a pet-specific camera, consider the following four recommendations. These home security solutions are the best alternatives to pet cameras.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is a popular alternative to pet cams. Their flagship product, SimpliCam, works just like a pet cam. It boasts a motion sensor, night vision, and HD video quality. And with 120° wide-angle viewing, you can view your pet from one end of the great room to the other. The SimpliCam is just one device in SimpliSafe’s lineup of impressive home security equipment. Enjoy easy DIY setup, no contracts, and reliable video with the surprisingly affordable SimpliCam.

2. Vivint

Vivint offers a wide selection of home security cameras, all connected through a smartphone app. There are indoor and outdoor cameras designed to help you track your pets no matter where they are. They also offer both one-way and two-way talk features, superb video quality, and playback features (so you can find out who ate the garbage if you would like to!)

3. ADT

ADT offers both indoor and outdoor cameras as well that work ideally for pets. You can customize your options to fit just about any need. The cameras offer excellent video quality, night vision (on some models) and motion activation. There is also a live feed that lets you talk to your pet or check in at any time if you would like to.

4. Frontpoint

Frontpoint is a well-respected and competitively priced home security company. The indoor and outdoor cameras, including the premium versions, are an excellent choice. They offer long-range detection of up to 40 feet, night vision mode, and a full 180 degrees of field viewing. You can zoom, use two-way audio to talk to your pet, and up to 10 people can log in through the app to watch.

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