Home Security & Home Insurance Discounts

Are you looking for ways to save on your home insurance? The key to getting the best deal on home insurance is to protect your home. Preventing claims is one of the biggest goals of insurance companies. Many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who proactively take steps to make their home safer.

Does Home Security Lower Home Insurance?

You probably know that you can save on your home insurance by installing smoke detectors, having deadbolts and having a multi-policy discount. However, there are lesser known ways to save on insurance that you might not know about. One of those ways is to install a home security system.

How Much Can I Save on Home Insurance with a Security System?

The exact discount that you will receive on your home insurance premium varies depending on several factors. However, you can save as much as 25 percent off your home insurance premium by installing a home security system. These features will get you the most savings.

  • Professional monitoring – Most insurance companies require that the system be professionally-monitored to get a discount. Some alarm companies, such as ADT, will provide you with a Homeowner’s Insurance Certificate that you can present to your insurance company for proof.
  • Leak detection – Security systems that can also detect water or gas leaks can save you even more. Some of these sensors can send a notification to your smartphone to alert you to a leak before it turns into a flood. Others can automatically shut off the water. According to Bankrate, these sensors can shave as much as 10 percent off your home insurance premiums.
  • Monitored fire and smoke alarms – Another great way to save on homeowner’s insurance is to install monitored fire and smoke alarms. Many monitored fire detectors can also send a notification to your smartphone when smoke or fire is detected.
  • Security cameras – Adding security cameras might save you even more on insurance especially if they feature 24/7 video monitoring.

Which Home Security Companies Can Help to Lower Home Insurance?

If you are like most homeowners, you probably forget to lock the door sometimes or leave the garage door open before going to bed. All of these things can increase risk. Fortunately,   are smart home security systems that allow you to lock the doors from anywhere or to get notifications on your smartphone when your garage door is open. Since these features lower risk, many insurance companies offer even greater discounts for them. Here are some home security companies that offer advanced security features:

  • Vivint – Vivint delivers complete home security with professional installation and monitoring. Advanced features include smart locks, doorbells cameras, smart thermostats. Smart home control and 24/7 video monitoring are available via the Vivint Smart Home app.
  • ADT – With more than 140 years of home security experience, ADT is one of the most well-known names on the market. ADT’s systems come with professional 24/7 monitoring, entryway detection, motion detection, backup battery protection, and a high decibel alarm.
  • FrontpointFrontpoint is a good option for customers who want DIY installation. This affordable system is easy to install and includes advanced features like monitoring, fire, and environmental monitoring.
  • SimpliSafeSimpliSafe is a highly-ranked award-winning home security system. If you are a DIYer, then SimpliSafe is a good choice for you. This system is extremely easy to install. Features include entry sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons and more. Fire, smoke and environmental sensors and monitoring are also available.
  • Scout – Scout is a no-contract, wireless home security system. Like many of the affordable systems today, it is DIY installed. Scout’s range of options includes motion detection, battery backup protection, indoor video monitoring, and more. Although Scout offers a self-monitoring option for free, many insurance companies will not provide a discount unless the system is professionally-monitored.
  • Nest SecureNest offers a whole range of smart home products. The company is best known for its doorbell cameras. However, you can also add Nest door sensors, indoor and outdoor cams, and smart door locks. Nest products can be DIY or professionally installed.
  • Link InteractiveLink Interactive allows you to build your home security system for a customized and affordable solution that meets your needs. Options include window and door monitoring, indoor video monitoring, doorbell sensors, garage door control and more.
  • BrinksBrinks is another well-known, trusted name in home security. They offer professional 24/7 monitoring and robust home security features. Brinks systems are compatible with smart home devices like Amazon Alexa. Features include door and window monitoring, motion detection, indoor video monitoring, smart home control and more.
  • Protect AmericaProtect America offers whole home protection that is customized for your needs. The systems are professionally monitored 24/7. They feature motion detection, video monitoring, smoke and fire detection, and home automation.

Where Can I Find a Home Security System?

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