Free Home Security Systems

If you are in need of a home security system, but simply don’t have the finances to make the investment, you may be seeking out free home security systems. Unfortunately, most home security systems require a certain degree of expense. Some require a monthly payment for monitoring services while others charge a fee to purchase the security system equipment itself. You can make your home safer without making a purchase, though. Take these steps to make your home more secure. Here’s where to start.

Simple Ways to Add Protection to Your Home for Free

It may be possible to create free home security alarms if you have cameras and some internet skill, but there are other ways to create a secure home. In fact, these simple steps can help you to add a significant amount of security to your home without requiring a large investment.

#1: Know the High-Risk Areas and Secure Them

To secure your home, first, take a look at it from all angles. Where are the risk points? For most property owners, this will come in the way of large openings – doors, garage doors, and windows. Anything close to the ground is a risk.

  • Be sure these all lock properly. Add deadbolts to doors.
  • Add more lighting around them. For example, placing solar lights around the walkways and near doors to your home will instantly discourage would-be thieves from trying to break into a home.
  • Monitor them. Keep a close eye on these areas every time you leave and come back to the home.

Most of the time, a thief is looking for an easy target, not one where they are exposed. Don’t make it easy on them.

#2: Make It Look Like Someone Is at Home

Make sure your home is protected when you are not home. There is never a reason to let anyone believe your home is unoccupied. This heightens risks.

  • When you are away at work during the day, leave a television on just loud enough to be heard outside.
  • Be sure the windows and shades are pulled so people cannot peer into the home.
  • You also will want to keep lights on when you are not home at night. Just leave a light or two on to ensure people think someone is home and awake.

#3: Protect Your Home While You Travel

You never want anyone to know you will be away from your home for an extended period of time. This puts you at risk.

  • Ask the Post Office to hold your mail.
  • Stop your newspaper subscriptions, so they are not laying in the driveway.
  • Ask the neighbor to cut the grass.
  • Ask the neighbor to roll a trash can down to the end of the street.
  • Consider a programmable light that turns on and off at various times of the day.

#4: Don’t Give Them the Tools

Sometimes, we make it easy for thefts or break-ins to happen.

  • Don’t leave ladders next to the home.
  • Remove any type of tool from around the yard that could be used to break in.
  • Be sure outbuildings are secured.

#5: Make It Hard to Hide

You also want to invest some time in making your home less desirable to lurk around. You want to be sure our neighbors will see people walking around the home.

  • Again, lights will help with this at night. Keep the porch light on all night long – same with any other door.
  • Remove larger bushes and brush from around the exterior. This is very important by doors.
  • Don’t obstruct the view from the street. Those passing by could help you.

Doing what you can to make your home more secure is always a first step. Even with an expensive home security system, these steps matter the most.

Affordable and Cheap Home Security Systems

Even after you have taken the steps above to make your home more secure without spending any money, you may still want to improve security. If you feel you need an additional level of security, consider a DIY home security system. These systems – which you install yourself – tend to be more affordable. There is no professional installation cost involved. Most of the time, these are less expensive systems, though the equipment can still be very effective. They also come with optional home monitoring.

Here are some additional options for securing your home with a low-cost home security system.

The key is to know home security systems can be affordable. There are some outstanding ways to reduce your costs here. Take a look at these top-ranked companies who provide not just home security systems but monitoring services as well. These are the best cheap home security systems available today:


SimpliSafe provides a wireless and easy to install solution for home security that is very affordable. There are several systems to select from, but monitoring costs as little as $14.99 per month. There is no long-term contract either.

Protect America

An excellent company that promises its price for monitoring services will not increase is Protect America. It offers a price match guarantee as well. Individuals will need to invest in a three-year contract, but the cheapest home security package is just $19.99 a month. And, this provides access with 24/7 monitoring for your home.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive is an excellent company. It does have some upfront costs for installation, but the installation can be done by the homeowner and in a matter of minutes. There’s no need for hard wiring the system into your home.


A trusted name in home security, Brinks is also one of the easiest home security systems to install. The installation and setup takes under 30 minutes to complete. And, this company does not charge any upfront costs for equipment – even with monitoring services.


For those looking for an affordable, DIY home security system, consider Scout. Designed to offer a low-cost rate without a long-term contract, it is a good overall solution. It also links to your other smart home devices to keep costs down. It is also simple to install and has a low monitoring fee as well. Installation in under 30 minutes by the homeowner is likely here.

Each of these home security systems offers a solution for you. While a free home security system has to start with improving your home’s overall security, you can invest in cheap security systems and DIY systems rather affordably and gain significant access to the protection you need.

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