Bunker Hill Security

Security is a necessity. The unfortunate reality is that there are people out there who are just waiting for you to leave your home or business space unprotected. For a crook, a space without security measures is an invitation to thievery and worse. But which security brands should you trust? That’s a huge question, and one that we address all over this website. Here, we’re focusing on just one brand: Bunker Hill Security. Read on to learn more about the brand, its offerings, and how it measures up against the competition.

What is Bunker Hill Security?

Bunker Hill Security is a brand that offers a line of security devices. Bunker Hill Security is all about the hardware — unlike many of the other security system brands that we cover, there’s no 24/7 monitoring on offer here. Bunker Hill Security does offer sensors that detect entry attempts, and you can connect those devices to an alarm system within your home — it’s just the outside monitoring that is missing.

Bunker Hill Security offers a wide range of useful products, including motion-detecting lights, surveillance cameras, key boxes, and home safes. While such products are no substitute for 24/7 monitoring services, they can be great additions to a complete home or business security plan.

How Much Does Bunker Hill Security Cost?

Since Bunker Hill Security offers a line of products rather than all-in-one packages and 24/7 monitoring, there’s no short answer to how much Bunker Hill Security costs. What you pay will depend on what you buy!

It’s fair to say that, overall, Bunker Hill Security products are pretty competitively priced. A waterproof outdoor security camera from Bunker Hill Security will cost you just $29.99, which is cheaper than most competitive options.

Bunker Hill Security Reviews

Bunker Hill Security has a solid, but not flawless, reputation for security products. Bunker Hill Security devices are generally good options at their price points, but they can fall short of measuring up to their more expensive competition. Some users report that Bunker Hill Security’s outdoor products fail to stand up to rain and frost.

Bunker Hill Security systems tend to appeal more to those with a bit of DIY skill, as some devices require wiring as part of the setup process and do not come with any installation services. That hurts Bunker Hill’s reputation with consumers who prefer more plug-and-play systems, though it can be an advantage with home and business owners who are looking for cost-effective security solutions and aren’t afraid to do some installation work themselves.

Considerations for Bunker Hill Security

As we touched upon briefly in the last section, some reviewers and users consider Bunker Hill Security to be at a disadvantage in quality relative to its (often pricier) security hardware competition.

When measured against more complete security systems, Bunker Hill Security suffers one huge disadvantage: a lack of 24/7 monitoring services. It’s not entirely fair to blame Bunker Hill Security for this — it’s not so much that the company failed as it is that this simply isn’t the type of security system they offer — but we at Safehome.org strongly recommend full home security systems with 24/7 monitoring services.

Some products, like the imitation security cameras (designed to deter theft by looking like real security cameras) seem to be designed primarily for businesses, which puts Bunker Hill Security at a bit of disadvantage in regard to home security (rather than commercial security) needs.

The Best Bunker Hill Security Alternatives

So if Bunker Hill Security isn’t the brand for you, then which one is? One option would be to build out a modular home security system using products from other hardware-only brands — such a system would, like one built from Bunker Hill Security products, be an in-home system without external monitoring (unless you found a way to add it — though this can be tough, given that most security monitoring services will insist that you use their specific brand of hardware).

Another option would be to go with a security company that offers both Bunker Hill Security-like hardware devices and 24/7 monitoring. We consider those sorts of options to be your best Bunker Hill Security alternatives. Here are our top three.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe’s cameras and motion detectors look sleeker and more modern than Bunker Hill Security’s versions. And they are more modern, because they offer wireless connected home capabilities. SimpliSafe also offers 24/7 monitoring services.

2. Abode

Abode focuses on simplicity, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not some modularity here. Abode allows its customers to customize the hardware that comes with their plans. That’s not quite the same as buying individual devices from Bunker Hill Security, but it’s something — and Abode, unlike Bunker Hill Security, offers 24/7 monitoring.

3. Frontpoint

Like Bunker Hill Security, Frontpoint expects you to set up your system yourself. There’s a big difference between the two, however: Frontpoint systems are wireless and very simple to set up. Frontpoint’s range of different security and security-adjacent devices — including cameras, smart locks, and even smart light bulbs — isn’t quite analogous to Bunker Hill Security’s purely standalone offerings, but there are plenty of devices to choose from here (and many feature smart home capabilities that Bunker Hill Security’s versions lack).

On top of all of this, Frontpoint offers 24/7 home monitoring services — a crucial part of your home security setup that you just can’t get from Bunker Hill Security.