Alfred Home Security Camera

What Is the Alfred Home Security Camera?

Alfred is changing the way people use mobile apps with their home security systems. So what is the Alfred Home Security Camera? It is a free mobile app that uses your Android and/or iOS device and turns it into a security camera. The Alfred Home Security Camera is a great way to repurpose your old phones and tablets.

How Can I Download the Alfred Security App?

The Alfred Security App can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes. The Alfred Security App rates well on both Google Play and iTunes with a 4.6-star rating on Google and a 4.7-star rating on iTunes.

When using an Apple device, the app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Additionally, at the Apple Store Alfred Systems also offers in-app premium purchases that range from $3.99 to $29.99. Google Play also offers in-app premium products as well, and they range from $1.99 to $47.99 per item.

How Does the Alfred Home Security Camera Work?

To use the Alfred Security Camera, you simply install the Alfred on two smartphones (or compatible mobile devices). Then open the Alfred on both phones and sign in to both of them using the same Google account. Lastly, you set up one phone as the Viewer, then set up the second phone as the Camera. That's it—done! But is the Alfred Home Security Camera really all that?

Considerations for Alfred Security

The Alfred Home Security Camera is extremely limited as far as home security is concerned. If you think about it, one phone as a camera can only do so much when it comes to home security. Now the Alfred might be great when it comes to being a baby monitor, a siren, and even an alert system—for the narrow area that can be seen with a phone. If that's all you want from a security system, then the Alfred is perfect. However, most people who invest in a home security system want the full-coverage features, options, and services a complete home security system provides.

Additionally, the Alfred has some flaws aside from the aforementioned issues.

  • The Alfred is not compatible with any existing IP cams, webcams, or any third-party security systems on the market. That means you can't use the Alfred as an add-on to your existing security equipment. It can only be used independently, which doesn't help much if you need a full coverage security system.
  • The Alfred can only be used by one person at a time. It doesn't have the capability of assigning different access codes, etc.
  • Many of the features such as HD recording are only available with a monthly subscription.
  • You can't use a PC webcam with the Alfred only smartphones and tablets.
  • The Alfred is just a makeshift security camera and doesn't come with any other security equipment, features, and accessories that offer full-coverage protection. For example, there are no window and door sensors, etc.
  • The Alfred doesn't offer any type of professional monitoring services either.

These are just a few of the disadvantages and vulnerabilities that come with using the Alfred Home Security Camera app.

The Top 3 Alternatives to Alfred Security

If you are like most people, you probably want a full-coverage home security system even if you have to pay for it.

Why? Because a home security system is what protects you, your family, and your property from criminals who want to harm you and/or take your things. Therefore, a good home security system is pretty much priceless.

Here are three of the best alternatives to an Alfred Home Security Camera.

1. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is also a well-known and trusted brand. They offer DIY wireless equipment, so it's portable, which is great if you're a renter or move around a lot.  SimpliSafe has low monthly rates, a 60-day equipment trial, no long-term contracts, cellular alerts, and award-winning monitoring. With SimpliSafe, you buy the equipment upfront, which means you own it. This helps keep your monthly monitoring costs down. Additionally, unlike other monitored security systems, the SimpliSafe equipment works regardless of whether you opt to pay for monitoring or not. The only negative about SimpliSafe (which really isn't a negative if you get everything you need from them) is that their equipment is proprietary so it's not compatible with third-party home security and automation devices.

If you are looking for a great alternative to the Alfred Home Security Camera, it's worth taking a few minutes to learn about everything SimpliSafe has to offer.

2. Brinks

You've no doubt heard of Brinks since they have been in business for more than 150 years. They are another nationally known home security company with a stellar reputation in the industry. Brinks offers a full-suite of home security and home automation equipment at very affordable prices. However, they do require you to sign a 3-year contract. But, they have rate-locked contracts, a 30-day return policy, a 2-year warranty on their equipment, and a mobile app for remote smartphone controls.

Brinks also has a Hacker Protection feature that encrypts all sensor signals to help protect your home from unauthorized access. Another great thing about Brinks is that their equipment is 100% wireless, so it's a DIY installation. However, they do offer professional installation for an extra fee if you prefer.

This is why Brinks is another great option if you are looking for an alternative to the Alfred Home Security Camera.

3. Frontpoint

Frontpoint has some of the best home security equipment on the market. They offer a DIY wireless system, cellular alerts, home automation, a 30-day money-back guarantee, their system is portable, and they have concierge level customer service regardless of what time of day or night you call. Additionally, there are no hidden fees of any kind.

Frontpoint has other great features such as smash and crash protection that immediately notifies them if a criminal tries to disable your control panel. They also have environmental disaster protections to protect your family and home from smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, and water intrusion. And if you have, or want to install, home automation equipment, Frontpoint's system is compatible with Z-Wave.

These are just a few reasons Frontpoint is one of our tops picks in home security brands. And, their home security systems are the best all-around for almost every scenario including individuals, families, and a variety of different lifestyles.