Lauren Harrington

  • 20+ years of experience
  • 149 resources created

As our medical alert expert, Lauren brings 20+ years of consumer tech experience to our team. She’s passionate about educating readers on reliable alert coverage. And she truly enjoys helping seniors age with confidence.

Lauren always takes a hard-line approach in her research, never cutting corners or leaving out facts. But when it comes to sharing her insight, she balances compassion and authority. Lauren knows that aging often leaves individuals and families feeling uncertain of the future. That’s why she creates her resources with real seniors in mind.

Every year, Lauren helps thousands of aging adults find an alert system that suits their budget and lifestyle. Her honest advice is relished by seniors and caretakers alike. From product comparisons and “best of” guides, to in-depth research studies on industry trends, Lauren offers a range of knowledge and expertise. Keeping seniors safe is all in a day’s work for Lauren Harrington.