Lareign Ward

Community Manager

  • MFA from Eastern Washington University

Lareign Ward serves as our community manager, galvanizing our readers and going the extra mile to reply to questions, comments, and concerns. She brings a rare combination of skills to our team: expertise in home security and personal safety, and a strong administrative talent.

Before joining, Lareign was ‘on-the-beat’ as a journalist. She wrote on a range of topics, and always under tight deadlines. In this role, she acquired the oh-so-valuable talent of multitasking. This unique skill set has made Lareign an integral part of our team as community manager.

Our online community is constantly growing, and Lareign manages upwards of 100,000+ readers every year. But you almost wouldn’t know it — after all, Lareign has a personal touch that makes our readers feel like family. And her knowledge of home security and personal safety topics definitely supports our mission of offering honest, accurate, and trustworthy research and resources.

Lareign lives in the Pacific Northwest, and she holds an MFA from Eastern Washington University.